Judith Galiza

Art Gallery


Artist born in Ourense in 1976. She completed his academic training at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra, in the specialty of painting.

She began his professional experience in the field of audiovisual communication and sports marketing. Activity that has been combining with the pictorial production until 2014, in which, focuses solely and exclusively on painting.

Judith Galiza presents a work full of rabid force, which conveys color and light with a more insolent style than that of his great mentor, the renowned Galician watercolorist Xavier Galiza.

Far from navigating the warmth of watercolor, Judith wanted to rest her artistic skills on the canvas, stained with acrylics and oils. Abstract landscapes, cities blurred by the fire of a brush or spatula, Judith shows us a style that seems to be submerged in the chaos and rush born of modernity.


The work of Judith Galiza is present in galleries and private collections in Spain, Portugal and the United States.

Gabinete 17 Interiorismo (Vigo)
Galería FonteNova (Lisboa)
Galería Acuadros (Logroño)
Galería Molina Art (Valladolid)
Galería Brocar (Madrid)
Galería Silvia Sennacheribbo (Barcelona)
Galería Goldframe4art (Lisboa)
Galería Delmino Pereira (Porto)
Galería María Eiriz (Ourense)
Mota (Bilbao)
FrameArt (Miami)
Galería Chordi (Salamanca)
Galería Gran Viarte (Lisboa)